YourZone45 is a Gym company with an emphasis on enjoyment, motivation and results.

Chris came in with an already established brand, but it just wasn’t his cup of tea. After having a look we devised that YourZone (as it was previously known) would need a reworking to tie everything in together with the correct emphasis on the brand’s core values.

Changing the colour scheme from black and green to grey and bright yellow, we set about creating a clean and neat site that emphasises the scientific aspect of the service. It is important to educate the audience about what is possible with YourZone45, without bamboozling them with jargon.

Chris wanted a clean customer experience, with no pushy pop ups or extensive diatribe to read through. Adding the 45 to the title denotes the emphasis on timing, meaning it could fit into anyone’s schedule. Whilst the wording has connotations of the sort of personal attention the team put into every customer.

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