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"Trawler is a quarterly, 32 page independent-minded, community-generated publication anchored in and around Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. You won't find us talking about big brands or corporations, instead we like to discover untold stories about remarkable people, a snapshot into people's lives and what makes them tick.

Stories of endeavour and entrepreneurial spirit, tales of passion projects and startups. Although we are anchored by the Thames estuary, this is a publication for curious people everyone and anywhere, our first edition had readers in Bristol, Edinburgh and London. We don't restrict our fishing net to Leigh; we' re interested in stories in and around Southend-on-Sea/ the Thames estuary. We're inclusive."
From the Manifesto

An off-shoot of the Made in Leigh collective, Trawler was a labour of love for all involved. We art directed and designed the publication with Lisa Lanfranchi helping us out. We wanted Trawler to be easily read and subtle. We wanted to create an artifact that was meant to be kept, read and re-read. Something that people could touch rather than be digital. We wanted to create something that was positive and focussed on the good things that happened rather than the negative disposition many local papers have.

It had to show off the amazing photography peppered through from the likes of Dan Rubin , Si Brandon, and Mark Massey and it had to have a coffee table book look - even though it was printed on cheap-as-chips newsprint.

The project was crowd-funded and off the back of pre-sales we guaranteed a second issue, that we then launched at a fantastic event attended by over 100 people. Trawler goes from strength to strength and a third issue is planned for later this year.

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