Prescient Research: Website

Prescient Research are masters of connection, story-telling and shed light on some of the world's most alluring brands, themes and ideas by not only digging down and finding the nitty-gritty in each role, but also at a grass-roots level by befriending strangers and keeping an ear to the ground.

Showcasing statistics is neither the easiest nor the most interesting thing to showcase so prescient wanted a more visual approach to their website. One that was part info-portal and yet showcased the uber trendy, cosmopolitan world of Soho Working. Using great images by Si Brandon, who immersed himself in the "culture" of Soho - all quite innocent these helped to really tell the story of who prescient are and what they stand for and belive in.

A responsive website was built alongside a sweet CMS build, so members of staff could easily update content, tweet or automatically upload fresh Instagram loveliness. A tonne of dev work but it was built with the client in mind.

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