Hunt Roche

Hunt Roche are one of the town's leading estate agents and were looking to increase their presence as their old identity had not only become stale, but there was little consistency between different branches, with elements being randomly replaced and tweaked on an adhoc basis.

Typically one might consider an estate agency to be at the more conservative end of the brand design market, but when owner Shaun Roche said "Think Gin Palace" - then that opens up a whole new way of over-designing and creating a bit of havoc with your typical brand identity.

The identity needed to be simple enough that it could easily be identified when driving past one of their "For Sale" boards at 50mph, but with a bit of flourish and whimsy to appeal to Shaun's wishes. So we mixed some really bold type, threw in a bit of over-the-top script accents and then topped it off with a retina-kicking turquoise and some metallic flourishes.

And somehow it works.

As one of the largest independent Estate Agency in the area, our firm was in need of a modern concept rebrand and were impressed from our first meeting with Grow Creative when explaining our needs. We were initially provided with a range of visuals, we were provided with an explanation of the thought process behind each one, so that an overview of likes and dislikes could be established. Together, the logo and brand evolved through many discussions and meetings, which never seemed too much trouble for Grow! As a customer facing business, after so many years of having a 'fixed' brand, Grow recognised our needs and more importantly understood our new approach needed to be fresh yet still incorporate 'who we are'. Our customer feedback has been great, with new and old clients loving the 'modern meeting traditional' concept our firm stands for.

Hunt Roche

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