Dreton Home Extensions

Dreton are home extension specialists based in Loughton, Essex.

Krissi from Dreton came to find Grow when looking for web designers for their website. They came in for a chat, and we talked branding analysis and mood boards over tea and posh coffee.

Dreton wanted a website that was specifically “un-builder-y”, as most of their contemporaries had a similar, tired look which frankly had been done to death. We added a sense of design and elegance that they put into their work. Being that the site represents the brand, it should have the same sense of attention to detail.

As usual, we gave them a few options of different design directions, as it turns out, the first one we showed them was the perfect one, with the letterheads, logos and business cards all in a custom logo type our designer Harry created, inferring the theme of extensions with it’s disparate lines, in line with the Gotham font used throughout the rest of the site.


"We came across Grow Co just by chance, as we were looking for a web designer to help us design a website for our business. It’s funny how life works as we really feel we were meant to end up working together.

From the moment we had our initial conversation with Rich, we were confident that these were the people for us. The whole process was enjoyable, from the initial brand analysis to the creating of mood boards (change this if you like, as not sure if 'Mood Boards’ is the correct term!)

We very specifically wanted an un-builder-y looking website. Most building companies websites were tired looking and all very matter of fact with no real sense of design. We hoped to find a company that would agree with us, that you can use elegant design, even for a building company, which typically is very masculine. Grow Co seemed to understand our vision of this and the end result reflects that.

At our first brand design meeting, we were feeling nervous, as we were just hoping we would like what Grow Co had come up with. We need not have worried as we were thrilled with the options we were given, but the first option was the one for us. The letterheads, business cards and logos followed, all in line with each other, we were happy.

When we were sent the design templates for the website, we were honestly blow away, we were speechless! The website was so beautiful! The overall look of the website was more than we could ever have imagined, and the little design elements within the website, took it to another level. We were so proud of what they had designed for us and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone we knew!

Grow Co just make sense, they make everything feel easy (even if it’s not!), and every member of the team is a specialist in their field, so you feel in very safe hands. We feel like Grow Co are a real find, and look forward to working with them for years to come. We do and will, recommend Grow Co to everyone."

Krissi Lopas

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