Cornelius Vermuyden

The idea of formulating a proficient brand strategy for schools has up until now been something of a misnomer. Schools often employ a website design firm to build them a website, a photographer for the imagery, and a videographer if they are forward thinking enough to produce a video.

This tends to have the result that things look disjointed, inconsistant and arguably amateur.

The first in the ongoing project for Cornelius Vermuyden School was to build the strategy around a series of brand personas (another phrase for target market). Aiming to be both aspirational while not alienating members of the local community we created a strategy that would set the tone for Cornelius' marketing ouput.

Secondly there were issues over the visual identity. The architects had selected a typeface for the signage, which had then been used by various agencies on an adhoc basis. Variations in weight, spacing and colour led to inconsistencies and which didn't reflect the care to attention the physical premises had.

Taking inspiration from the signage, a refined logo was designed alongside a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, setting out rules for all stakeholders to adhere too.

We designed a series of colour, type and text treatments to show the refined logo off in all its glory. Accompanied by a newly designed crest (due on blazers next year).

"It has been a pleasure to work with the truly inspirational creative agency, The Grow Creative Co. There is nothing better than collaborating with a team whose creativity knows no bounds and our fruitful relationship can be seen in our brilliant website and prospectus. They immediately understood the brief and consistently surpassed our expectations, delivering a product far better than we could imagine. I believe that they are one of the best creative teams in the South East"

Mrs Carol Skewes, Headteacher,
The Cornelius Vermuyden School

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