Salt of Southend-on-Sea

“Salt adds flavour - it seasons, transforming something good into something better. It enhances, it improves and that is exactly what the people in this book do. Every day they get up and in their own way make this town a better place.” - From the introduction.

Salt of Southend-on-Sea is a 200+ page book where we interviewed and photographed twenty four individuals, families and groups about their life, hopes and dreams while living and working in the borough.

We conceptualised, curated, managed designed and laid out this beautiful limited edition book showing Southend off in a light never before seen. Beautiful photography by Matt Crew elevated this into a stunning artifact full of stories, hope and dreams about some genuinely amazing people.

Featuring local luminaries such as the Dulakes of Railway Hotel fame and the Osborne and Oldham families alongside those with an international presence - Michael Woodford, Sarah Parmenter and Sadie Hasler, Salt is a passionate display about what makes this town the great place we think it is.

N.B. Salt is a limited edition book and copies are available at £20 + P&P. If you would like a copy please email us at


As part of the promotion of the book we put together a retrospective video about the process of working on it alongside some behind the scenes stuff we filmed on the photography shoots.

“Responding to our commission Rich has curated a beautiful book which gives a real flavour of Southend. His genuine passion for his work and the subject has been evident all the way through the process, and combined with his project management and creativity has produced a book we’re excited to share.”

Emma Cooney
Director of Regeneration and Business Development – Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

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