Cornelius Vermuyden School Prospectus

Pay attention class...there's a new Prospectus

We recently redesigned the Cornelius Vermuyden School Prospectus and Essential Information guide to show off the school to parents and potential students for next years intake. This is a highly important document for the school and on the all-important open day, it’s what the parents and students take home and often helps to close the deal when it comes to deciding what school you want your child to go to. This is the second iteration of the prospectus after we revamped 2015’s version, but we decided to take a more relaxed approach with this version of the prospectus. The photography was shot over the summer term of 2017 when we were blessed with some great weather which gave a bright and sunny look to it. We really made use of the oodles of green space that surround the campus - and the staff hand-picked students with bags of personality to really bring the pictures to life. 

The school really wanted to highlight a theme of literacy, so we used the grounds to show relaxed photos of the students reading great works of literature in the open. My particular favourite being the two lads in what I call the “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” shot.

Being the summer we made use of sporting opportunities and had some stunning cricket-themed set pieces, as well as showcasing the latest school production (Annie Get Your Gun) as well as some more conventional elements shot in the classroom to really convey the academic side of the school.

As well as the prospectus we produced a suite of other publications including the ‘Essential Information’ which carries vital school uniform details, ‘Enrolling Now’ which lists all the faculties and members of staff as well as the Awards Evening programme - giving a fully rounded bank set of publications to really sell the school.

We’ve been working with Cornelius for over three years now - in fact I spend more time there than I do at my own children’s school. In that time I have seen the students grow from slightly shy children into confident young adults who represent the school and indeed the wider area in a fantastic light. In many ways the prospectus has a dual purpose, firstly as a promotional document for both students and staff recruitment and yet also as a record of the achievements of the students - something that if not they, but their parents will cherish as a record of their time at the school.

Since the release of the publication we’ve had some amazing feed back including “The best prospectus yet” and my personal favourite “It’s stunning” (which came from the Headteacher of another school!)

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