Cornelius Vermuyden Prospectus

The first thing you notice about the Cornelius Vermuyden School is the large amounts of space there are. Inside all the walls are crisp white - much akin to an art gallery. Outside 38 acres of land allow a huge amount of free space for PE and other activities.

The school architecture itself is award winning and the benchmark against what all schools should be set against. So when it came to designing the all-important school prospectus we wanted it to represent the school in a beautiful and accurate manner.

Due to the beautiful photography that we had taken, the prospectus needed to be a subtle and clean affair, maximising the white space in the same manner as the building itself. Conscious that this could produce a stark and cold looking document we selected photography packed with emotion and warmth.

We wanted to put this marvellous school in Canvey Island in the same deserved category as the top-flight private schools, and we succeeded...

"It has been a pleasure to work with the truly inspirational creative agency, The Grow Creative Co. There is nothing better than collaborating with a team whose creativity knows no bounds and our fruitful relationship can be seen in our brilliant website and prospectus. They immediately understood the brief and consistently surpassed our expectations, delivering a product far better than we could imagine. I believe that they are one of the best creative teams in the South East"

Mrs Carol Skewes, Headteacher,
The Cornelius Vermuyden School

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