My Work Experience: the low down

As a student, finding gainful work experience can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When Grow Co offered me a week’s work experience, I was over the moon. My experience at Grow has not only been a valuable learning experience, I've laughed everyday and thoroughly enjoyed myself (and to top it off, had several lovely glasses of gin and tonic on Friday afternoons with everyone).

I’m a second year English Language student at the University of Reading, so words are my thing. Being at Grow allowed me to explore content writing and blogging for different businesses in different styles. In my first week, I began writing blogs for Grow about digital marketing. As we all know, walking into a new office can be a little daunting but I was welcomed immediately and everyone made me feel right at home. As it approached Friday, I was asked to stay another week. I was incredibly appreciative and was more than happy to stay.

Now, a month later, I have just finished a white paper project on social media for Grow. From thinking I would only be here for 5 days, to now having written over 25 blogs and finalising our 16 page ‘Social Media Yellowpaper’… I’m chuffed! I am so thankful to everyone in the office for making me feel a part of the team, and will look back at my time at Grow very fondly.