Village Green 2017

What a lovely time was had by the Grow gang at Village Green this year.

After applying factor 50 sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, (as lovingly advised by Metal) we set about gulping down culture by the barrel-load, along with the odd pint of IPA

Personal highlights across the office included:

Mike pogo-ing along to Nothing But Thieves with his tween nieces on his shoulders, proving once and for all he is the epitome of the term “cool Uncle”.

Harry getting in touch with his Indian roots at the Bollywood takeover on the world stage, shortly before it became a battleground of ten year olds who made light work of the hay bales surrounding the stage.

Liam rocking out to Spatial Awareness and losing a pint of water in the tent/mosh-pit/sauna, before meeting the legendary Wilko Johnson at the Ship Full of Bombs DJ set, (all those hours hanging around outside the Railway Hotel really paid off). Liam also managed to find his Faceback pin badge with his face on it, and now proudly sports it around the office.

Kate Nash was another key highlight, with many a dragged-along boyfriend moshing along to her new material, while Primo Nelson provided the sun-soaked funk.

We took plenty of photos, but here are some much nicer ones courtesy of the very talented Sharif Radwan, Jon Webber and Clarissa Debenham.