UK Coffee Week

As you may very well be aware, 16-22 April is #UKCoffeeWeek.

For some it’s just part of the daily grind, but here at Grow Co. we love the stuff, so we decided to find out a little more about how our clients and their audiences like their brew.

Implemented across all social media channels, we have amassed a series of polls, posts and pictures to get everyone all stirred up about coffee by any beans necessary.

By starting the conversation, we aim to boil down users’ drinking habits which we will then collate into a perky infographic.

So far we have discovered that Leigh-on-Sea loves a Latte, and no-one is too fussed about almond milk (quelle surprise). Once we’ve got the whole-roasted facts, we’ll brew up a big batch of demographic understanding and then pour it out into our future campaigns.

Sorry for all the puns, I’ve got a latte on my mind.