Twitter Tone of Voice

August 3, 2018

Tone of voice is just like the salt on chips; it is that extra ingredient that really brings out the flavour. It needs to engage and entertain, because otherwise it is bland, tasteless and to put it bluntly BORING.

Having a well executed tone of voice on Twitter creates an identity for your business. It’s putting a face to a name. Personifying your business through Twitter allows customers to have a positive digital journey, with ease of interaction. Before we start perfecting your tone of voice on Twitter as a business, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Which age group do your customers fall in? Best not to say 18-80 because then you’ll be in trouble.
2. How would they like to be addressed by your business?
3. What identity do you want to create for your brand and how do you want to come across?

Are you targeting London’s top financial bankers or the local church crochet group? Make it clear who you are targeting through your tone of voice. If you are targeting a sophisticated audience, use the appropriate terminology of your industry. Appear experienced through your use of vocabulary to portray a mature demeanour. Take a step back from emojis, sarcasm and gifs to create professional reputation for your business. Retweeting your competitors tweets may seem counterproductive but it can actually create paths for you to increase your reach, as well as making you appear passionate about your sector.

The use of gifs, hashtags and humour is a fantastic way of depicting a playful tone of voice for a younger audience. These will show that you are not just another boring business Twitter page, but there is a real person/team making the effort to engage behind the account. By including autoplay gifs and witty animations in your tweets can add humour and variety, and can increase your chances of gaining more likes and retweets.

Autoplay gifs are a sequence of photos or short clip that is plays automatically when it appears on the screen. People may retweet or like a tweet for the gif itself, hence prolonging a tweet’s ‘life’, (essentially allowing it to circulate Twitter for longer and becoming visible to more people). By mentioning recent trends with humour in your tone of voice can achieve a lot, it creates good first impressions for new Twitter visitors and widens your reach. A common strategy used by a large number of businesses is to contact people who haven’t directly tweeted to them.

For example, Nandos responds to user’s tweets with the word ‘halloumi’ to engage them. You can do this too! A word of your choice can be found on Twitter by using the search bar, allowing you to select from the most recent tweets. Commonly, people take to Twitter to complain, as it’s quick and easy. Responding with a friendly, lighthearted tone of voice can make the customer feel as if they are being addressed by a ‘real’ person, rather than a screen or standard service tweet. This ultimately scores your business a few brownie points, in times of need with a customer. This personable tone of voice is only going to attract customers, but don’t go overboard with the slang and the gifs as you’ll just appear cringeworthy.

Social media is only going to grow bigger (regardless if we like it or not), so it’s best businesses take their online presence seriously. There’s no time like the present. Businesses continue to underestimate what strong social platforms can achieve; they can significantly increase exposure, reach and engagement. If this isn't your area, it can be pretty hard getting started. So, we’ve made everything a little easier by creating a "Yellow Paper on Social Media". From Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating the best online presence for your business, we’ve got your back.


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