Twitter Media: GIFs

Gifs… nonsense to most but an obsession to some. Today, marketing to a younger audience means entering their online world. Yep, brace yourselves. But this can allow your business to become technologically creative and involved within a modern scope of marketing. Gifs can attract large numbers of users, and stand out much more than written content on Twitter, but it’s not as simple as setting up a profile and tweeting.

Gifs (Graphic Interchange Format) are very varied. A gif is an image format of a short animation that is replayed or it is a collection of still images put together. They come in many forms including memes, famous viral gifs and are even used to express a current mood. Gifs serve as a really effective call-to-action and can be retweeted by the Twitter users themselves. So technically, the retweeters are the free promoters! Gifs are known for being relatable to Twitter users and receive huge numbers of retweets and likes on Twitter. Gifs are much more memorable than written content because they are a moving image or video. They are also accessible on most devices. They can drive vast interaction and huge exposure for businesses wanting to increase their reach. Designing your own personalised gifs can really receive a lot of attention, regardless of your industry.

There are a range of gifs your business can create themselves for advertising. Take a look:

Autoplay gifs - These gifs are much more eye-catching than the old manual stop and start gifs. They immediately draw attention from Twitter users because they stand out amongst the written content.

Slideshow gifs - These allow for products to be shown frequently and quickly, allowing your business to promote several products in a very short timespan. This may tease customers and encourage them to visit your website.

Written content gifs - Text-based gifs will broadcast a message out with speed. If people see an offer or sale advertised through a gif with animations surrounding the text, it’ll be much more eye catching compared to a written promotion tweet. Make sure text-based gifs are aligned with the tone of voice and the design style your brand elicits.

Educational gifs - Dependent on your industry, gifs can create awareness of what your business can do and can provide information of your choice for existing or potential customers.

Creative gifs - By using gifs in a creative, imaginative way can show off your marketing abilities and shows you are making an effort to interact with users online.

Social media is only going to grow bigger (regardless if we like it or not), so it’s best businesses take their online presence seriously. There’s no time like the present. Businesses continue to underestimate what strong social platforms can achieve; they can significantly increase exposure, reach and engagement. If this isn't your area, it can be pretty hard getting started. So, we’ve made everything a little easier by creating a "Yellow Paper on Social Media". From Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating the best online presence for your business, we’ve got your back.