Twitter Bookmarks Explained

Twitter is full of goodies. Articles that make you think, videos that make you laugh, gifs that weird you out a little bit, it’s (mostly) good stuff.

Trouble is, a packed train is often not the best time to watch a panda video, so it is a good thing that you can now save tweets for later with Twitter Bookmarks. Here’s how.

In Twitter, tap the share icon under the tweet you want to save and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”.

To find the tweet later, tap “Bookmarks” from your profile menu, they can be removed at any time, and only you can see what you have bookmarked, so your slime video obsession is safely hidden. You can also share tweets out-of-app this way, speaking of which, have you seen this PERSONAL CHEESE MELTER?!

Bookmarks are now available on Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite and