Project Focus: The Foodie Feed

Scrumptious Social

One of our side projects at grow is the Foodie Feed - predominantly a Twitter stream but also Instagram and Facebook that reports on all the latest trends, news and brands that are killing it in the delicious world of food.

Whether they are restaurants, artisan suppliers of niche bakery goods or household names that go well with your Gin, the Foodie Feed is recognised as being highly influential. We've been working with such names as Belgian Boys, Fever Tree and Drinks in Tube promoting them across the social spheres - and it works too - in big numbers. Our tweet about Fried Chicken Day got more social traction than one of the Kardashians on the day on the same subject. We ran a competition with a brewery which resulted in over 1,000 new followers for them and we are also followed by Jimmy Doherty too!

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