Salt: The Exhibition

Over the last year we've been working on curating, writing and designing a book called Salt of Southend-on-Sea. The book features twenty four interviews with various people, families and groups who live and work in Southend. It's a fascinating insight into who make the town what it is. They may not necessarily be famous but they all contribute something interesting and of value to the community around them.

From the back cover…“SALT profiles the individuals, families and groups who live and work in Southend-on-Sea.

In their own words, they have composed a modern love letter to the town. Their stories showcase all that makes Southend not only a hub of creativity and enterprise, but a living, breathing, sentient character that reflects its inhabitants and their culture of rugged individualism and potential.

A wide cross-section of people are featured; artists, writers, independent business owners, students, fishermen, publicans and medical professionals, breathing life into the thriving microcosm of emergent talent in this part of the country.

They are the salt of Southend-on-Sea…”

It’s a beautiful tome designed by Grow and phenomenally photographed by Matt Crew that showcases Southend off in a light never seen before - after all who has shot a Prima Ballerina on a rain splashed Golden Mile?

After the launch we’ll show a lot more of the book - it’s something we’re very proud of but please come down and see the exhibition that runs for just three days at the Beecroft Gallery from the 15th-17th August.

After the launch, the book will be available for purchase from the Beecroft Gallery.