Osborne's: On Land & Sea

We’ve been working with the Osborne family for a few years now on all sorts of brand output as the company transitions from one generation to the next and even though we’ve enjoyed every second even by our own standards the latest project we’ve worked on together was a bit special.

There’s not many people I’d raise myself out of bed for at 2:55am on a Monday morning but working with supercool director Andy Delaney a little over an hour later we’re setting up in Old Leigh with sun-cream, sunglasses, cameras, boats, drones, one banana and a paleo bar to capture a day in the life of the Osborne family businesses.

Knowing the weather was going to be amazing the night before I pondered over some inspiration, got a bit carried away and ended up wanting to re-shoot Miami Vice shot-for-shot on the Estuary - I blame the heat. That said we managed to recreate one particular shot. Setting out full-pelt from the shore on the rib to the moored Mary Amelia as the sun rises on the most beautiful morning was one of those beautiful life moments. We woke up a herd of seals (yes, the collective noun is herd - who knew?) busy snoozing on a sandbank to capture the action of a full mornings cockling as well as the surprisingly stunning vistas available over the Thames Estuary.

A few hours later we’re back on shore following the process as the cockles come off the boat and are cooked in the factory, packed, delivered and finally eaten. Note: just cooked cockles are simply magical.

Working with nature we had to ensure the tide was in to ensure continuity across each stage of the film. Due to the clement weather there was so much greenery that from a distance when the tide was out the estuary could have been mistaken for a field.

We’ve been blessed this year with the best summer I can remember and it’s allowed us to create something completely beautiful that’s not only a brand film but has also become a legacy to the summer of 2018. You can view the film above. It’s pretty, bloody smashing.