National Encourage a Young Writer Day

Today is National Encourage a Young Writer Day, as is such we took young Rachel, our latest designer and all-round arty person, and locked her in a cupboard with a quill, a candle and a bag of Haribo*, what she churned out is quite something, see below:,

To be at one with yourself, free.

Brushes appear to unravel, feel.

Sounds smile towards you, figures emerge.

It takes moments. The screen holds your eye.

Deep breath, Ahhh.

The mind will be unstrung.

Creative unleash, a surge.

You shall continue to ask yourself.

Voluntarily becoming vulnerable.

Where would you be without it?

Continue along its path. All in.

Free, smoothed. This is your saviour

Showcases extend the vision, spacious.

The mind sneaks up on you, and it begins.

A part of it, the freedom to express.

Pens create the line, the thoughts dare to cross.

The haze fades, visuals exposed.

Grateful hands share to others.

Change. A constant state of pride.

Where would you be without it?

Wonder outside of what you know. Give in.

*other sweets are available, no young writers were harmed in the making of this poem.