A full service creative agency in Leigh-On-Sea & we're bloody smashing.

We're an optimistic creative agency who believe in producing outstanding work. We believe in producing work that is inspirational, inspires our clients and in turn their clients. Something that has the ability to be iconic and is more than just a templated solution to a website or a dull, uninspiring logo.

We want to build brands, not just businesses...

We create. We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make life better for our customers and our customer's customers. We supercharge businesses with passion, charm and liveability and turn their clients into fans who will want to share the experience with their friends. We want businesses to be beautiful, engaging and fun. We want to make businesses work.

Our clients are SME's without blinkers. Businesses that want their company to be more than just a name and list of services - to stand for something in the mind of their consumers. Our clients are forward thinking, have a sense of humour and a positive outlook on life. If they haven't a positive outlook they have to be open to the possibility of having one - because only then will the understand why we can make their brand GROW.


We build brands for small and medium sized companies in a way that uses a big-thinking scope. We don't believe that small companies should have to suffer with badly designed websites or brand identities that look ugly, and do nothing for their business.

Our brand identity systems take in every facet of your business from logos, stationery and printed matter to your complete online presence with websites, social media and online marketing. We also have a solid marketing eye to ensure that you are always in the mind of your customers.


We encourage our staff to think big and keep ahead of the game. We love and respect them - they are the biggest asset to our company so we don't milk them for all the hours in the day. Quite often they'll be attaending an online seminar or networking at a live event to improve their skills that are transferable so you - the client see the benefit.


Quite simply, we live for it. We love designing things that not only look good, but work in a functional way to ensure our customers see an active return on their investment.

But we're not just about making a quick buck, we strongly believe in working to improve our local community, which is why there are numerous projects that focus on our surrounding area that we've worked for and with to create something memorable, and something that we're enormously proud of.


Yeah...we live for designing cool stuff, but don't forget we are human too. Just like you we need some down time, so whether we're doing a 5K run at 6am on a Monday Morning, organising a BBQ on a hot summer afternoon, or memorising lines from Breaking Bad - we all deserve a little break - because it keeps us sharp, focussed and well adjusted.

The team

rich with | creative director

Rich is our Creative Director and will marshall the overall look and feel of both your brand and website. He's also usually the one who pours the Champagne.

He has a wealth of experience in branding both overseas and in the UK. He is the resident branding expert for Talk Business Magazine, Creative Director of Trawler Magazine and occasionally gives talks on brand strategy, direction and design.

michael shelley | director

Mike is the organisational wing of the operation, and will look after all the back-end important detailed stuff that will enable you to get emails, be found by Google and ensure everything is above board and tickety-boo.

Mike stems from a corporate background and has years of operational and process experience. A master of diplomacy, grammatical pedant and mathematical master.

Jessica tuck | PROJECT manager

Jessica is our Project Manager and Social Media Princess who'll guide, Facebook, Tweet, Pin and 'Gram your brand and business into shape.

She'll sort out all your domains, and help you get your website content in shape to really blow your competition out of the water.

Jess is a whizz with organisational abilities and spots any issues long before anyone else.

harry vincent | designer

Harry is our Designer. He has a keen eye for detail, colour and typography and assists the team with decision making in regards to the overall look and feel of your brand and website.

A comic book nut, and Star Wars junkie, Harry is currently building a complete Mandalorian flight suit - look out for him at this years Comic Con.

liam jefferies | Content chap

Liam is our Content Writer. Ruggedly handsome, reserved, modest. None of these words have ever been used to describe Liam.

He's a whizz with words, a textual titan, a copywriting conjuror, and when he's not abusing alliteration he's the one who will provide the writing elements to your brand, be it website copy, social media posts or what-have-you.

On paper, he's a jazz-nut, however, many's the time that we've caught him listening to Whitney Houston. Liam also likes his clothes. He likes his clothes a lot.

Our journal

Creating films in schools is challenging. Not only do you have to work around normal problems such as daylight and weather but you also have to take exams in progress, break times (900 kids trying to get food), and the ever present teen angst into account too.


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