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The Grow Creative Company

We are The Grow Creative Company or Grow Co. for short.

We're an optimistic creative agency who believe in producing outstanding work. We believe in producing work that is inspirational, inspires our clients and in turn their clients. Something that has the ability to be iconic and is more than just a templated solution to a website or a dull, uninspiring logo.

We create. We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make life better for our customers and our customer's customers. We supercharge businesses with passion, charm and liveability and turn their clients into fans who will want to share the experience with their friends. We want businesses to be beautiful, engaging and fun. We want to make businesses work.

Our clients are SME's without blinkers. Businesses that want their company to be more than just a name and list of services - to stand for something in the mind of their consumers. Our clients are forward thinking, have a sense of humour and a positive outlook on life. If they haven't a positive outlook they have to be open to the possibility of having one - because only then will the understand why we can make their brand GROW.

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The office at Grow Co is always a busy place, with loads of projects going on as well as being a hot bed of nerd discussion about everything from Game of Thrones to the sexual ambiguity of certain hairstyles. Go here to find out behind the scenes gossip. And if you’re thinking of applying for a job, then find out our names here too…

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Case Studies

Bespoke Take-Away System

NYPD or New York Pizza + Dogs is a growing chain of American influenced gourmet take-away restaurants specialising in Hot Dogs, Pizzas and Burgers.

Holistic Health in Hackney

Holistic Health is a day spa and alternative therapy centre in Market in Hackney - if ever there was an enclave of boho chic, then this is it.

A new level of community engagement

Leigh-on-Sea.com is a local website that showcases all that goes on in this great town of ours. It’s a new level of community engagement.

Boutique Recruitment Firm

AJ Chambers is a boutique recruitment firm focussed on finding the highest calibre staff for some of the worlds leading financial institutions.